What Are Sweet Proteins?

Always a treat, never a tradeoff

Sweet proteins are nature’s candy—but with a trickster spin. They evolved in nature to fool primates (that’s you!) into mistaking them for sugar, but with none of the health impacts. Sweet proteins taste amazing, and they cut sugar from the foods you crave.

We've got sweet down to a science

We derive our sweet proteins from fruits and use precision fermentation (think of brewing beer) to unlock nature’s full potential.

And when the earth’s ingenuity joins with human imagination, extraordinary things—delicious, wondrous, game-changing things—become possible.

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Good stuff for your best self

Sweetness from protein—not sugar—is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. We’re talking healthy sweetness your body will love: The gut-friendly, diabetic-friendly, all flavor, no compromise win we all deserve.

The stand-up sweet

Every 1% reduction of sugar production represents 650,000 acres of land saved. That means our low-footprint, naturally-fermented sweet proteins are a straight line to healthier ecosystems.

  • Planet friendly

  • Great taste

  • Low calorie

  • Diabetic-friendly

  • Plant-based

  • Gut-friendly

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