Introducing Oobli Dark Chocolates Featuring Groundbreaking Sweet Proteins

Introducing Oobli Dark Chocolates Featuring Groundbreaking Sweet Proteins

Here at Oobli, we’ve been working for more than 7 years on something big: sweet proteins.

Sweet proteins are nature’s candy — but with a trickster spin. They evolved in nature to fool primates into mistaking them for sugar, but they have none of the health impacts. Sweet proteins taste amazing, and they cut sugar from the foods you crave.

When most people hear the word “protein,” they think about meat or dairy or building muscle. But protein can do more than help with muscle gains and provide energy: protein can also taste sweet like sugar.

We’ve been hard at work perfecting a precision fermentation process to sustainably produce nature-identical sweet proteins. This fermentation process is similar to beer making where we use yeast culture to produce sweet proteins. That means no dependence on single-crop sugar farming or deforestation to grow these difficult-to-cultivate plants.

We’re so excited to reveal our very first Oobli product featuring sweet proteins: Dark Chocolates!

These dark chocolates are game-changing and available in three decadent flavors: 70% dark chocolate, sea salt, and raspberry bits. Sweetened primarily with Oobli sweet proteins, they have 70% less sugar (only 3g per serving), high in fiber, vegan, keto-friendly, gluten-free and soy-free.

Oobli Dark Chocolates are:

  • The world’s first low-sugar chocolate sweetened with protein!
  • All clean ingredients that you can actually pronounce
  • Oobli dark chocolates are Oobli’s first product. Deliciously decadent chocolate sweetened with Oobli sweet proteins
  • Available in 3 dark chocolate flavors: traditional 70% dark chocolate, sea salt, and raspberry bits
    • We use no sugar cane or sugar alcohols
    • Only 3g of sugar per serving!
    • Vegan, keto-friendly, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free
    • No soy, cane sugar or sugar alcohols

Be one of the very first to try Oobli Dark Chocolates! Shop now.

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